Friday, August 27, 2010



Salam to all lawyers.

Good days to all.

well, semester 2 will be going to end just in a few weeks more.and everyone is like bees.. busy preparing for final examination which already had started especially for syariah law students; taking arabic papers before the upcoming raya. =)

well, focus on the title guys!

what is mooting??
law students should know this!..

in brief, mooting is a submission of appeal case only to the judges. there are councils and prosecutors presenting for their clients.

Mooting is a compulsory assessment for law students who are taking Basic Legal Method (BLM) subject. Students are given a situation and will be signed on behalf of the appellant or the respondent. Then, they will have to attend a special mooting workshop to know more about mooting; how to do speeches and bundle of authorities, the etiquette in court, how to approach judges and so on..

basically, Foundation of Moot Club will be in charge for the workshop. =)

in mooting, there is also a special task -->  bundle of authorities!

bundle of authorities or known as BOA is a compilation of authorities either precedent, binding cases to the case, statutes, treatises; textbook/articles, and also the outline of submissions. Making BOA is the most "interesting" task ever! Library would be the 2nd bedroom for law students. haha!

should you know, 2nd year law students who will be graduating this semester are doing mooting now at moot court, located at Mahallah Fatimah Abu Bakar. So, if you have an ample time, go and watch how the councils submitting and maybe rebutting the submission of the opponent.

all the best to all teams. 
win or lose doesn't matter as long as the satisfaction is there.. =)

till then.

p.s: raya2 jugak.. exam jangan lupa.. hehe..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

update AGM!!


Salam to all bloggers.

Oh my LAW. --> sometimes, we do need changes. hehe.
so sorry guys!!

so.. and so forget to update and tell you guys about the Annual General Meeting.

well, it was a great event. A very great event organized by MeLEX Syura Council 09/10 together with 2nd year law students. I think we really did our great job to make sure the event was a success.

As i did mention in previous post, AGM was held at Al-Malik Faisal Hall. Law students had started filling up the seats at 7.45 pm! How early. Kindy pity them because we could not even set up the LCD because at UIA PJ, they did not have trust to students to handle up those ict things by ourselves.

The event started with the arrival of VIP; advisors, Bro Mursyid Kassim and Bro Mahyuddin, lecturers, President of Foundation Moot Club and law students who had already graduated from CFS. Continued with a prayer, speeches, the event once again being mesmerized by the most significant surprise and gimmick from 2nd year law students.

the main event here was to "interview" 25 short listed next MeLEX Syura Council 10/11. all the nominees were interviewed one by one on stage by Bro Mahyuddin with a unique question. It is to know how they could handle the nervous, answer the question and most of all, BE CONFIDENT in front of students.

only 16 were chosen to be the next new head-line. Each student was given a form to select them. and while waiting for the calculation progress, MeLEX Pro Studio presented a very simple video about MeLEX 09/10. Kinda bit shocked when everyone enjoy the video very much especially when the video showed our Annual Grand Dinner last semester. GREAT EVENT!!.

pictures speak better than words. here then!

the emcees.. 

the gimmick!

the boys.. nominees..

the girls.. nominees..

Bro M asking the question.. ^^

one of the nominees.. on the stage. answering the tricky Q.

voting calculation process.

there's lot more pics. but i wont upload all of them here. hehe.
finished updating then. bye2x.. =.=

p.s: the new head-line had already created a new MeLEX blog. what should I do with this?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

LAW Annual Grand Meeting!

Salam to all bloggers.

LAW Annual Grand Meeting is just around the corner.
We just have to wait for the specific date given by the S.T.A Department.

Meetings had been organized and duties were divided among Syura Council 09/10 to plan every single step for this event. Below are the committees assigned for A.G.M.

Program Manager:
Bro Auzaie Shamsul Ma'arif

Program Coordinator:
Bro Afifi M.Deen,  Bureau of Sports and Recreational.

Sis Nurul Syafiqah Bt Rosli
Sis Nur Syafiika 

Nurul Syuhada Binti Subhi

Bureau of Public and Promotion
Sis Najihah Hassan & Bro Mohd Asyraf b. Mohd Arif

Bureau of Information & Technician
Bro Muhammad Aimaduddin Aiman & Sis Nur Alia Mohd Ramley

Bureau of Special Task:
Bro Mohd Ferit Mohamed Aamir & Sis Aida Amira

Moreover, we as syura council wish our warm welcome to Bro Muhyiddin and Bro Mursyid as our next advisors of MeLEX Society, replacing Bro Bel and Madam Mardhiyah. To Bro Bel and Madam Mar, we wish you all the best at new place and thanks for everything.

p/s: welcome to MeLEX..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new semester. 10/11


Salam to all bloggers.

new semester begins with new intake law students and new study environment for all 2nd year law students since law program now is at cfs iium pj. it takes time for us (law students) to adapt with pj. we need to search classes, departments, kiosk and everything here. 

and thank God, it's not difficult to find library here. and also, all the references have been transferred as well. by the way, i myself find out that law lecturers are a bit buzy to arrange back all the things from Nilai to PJ. There is a temporary room for law department at central spine. don't get lost kay. hehe..

so, our next event after this is Annual Grand Meeting. We as syura council are going to organize this event to replace the previous members who had already graduated from cfs and also to nominate the 1st year students in our syura council. 

that's all from now.

Monday, May 24, 2010

updated latest news.


Salam to all bloggers.

In the name of Allah,The Most Gracious The Most Beneficious,
Peace be upon the prophet Muhammad who shed the light of Islam upon us.
hello everyone? how are you?
sorry for a long-no-entries in this MeLEX blog after the annual grand dinner for law students last semester.
as you can see, it was a great event though we as the organizer faced lots of obstacles to make it as a success.

owh. here, i just want to update latest news and issues about laws..

recently (last 3 weeks), short semester at cfs iium nilai was finished. congratulations to all law students who applied for Arabic level 3 and 4 in continuing shariah studies. Those who sat for Arabic Placement Test, you had done your best. Don't bother about the results anyway.. (my advice). hehe..

to all foundation of law graduates, congratulations!!!..
welcome aboard to Gombak for your degree on this July.

owh, one more important news! Law students now are going to be transferred to cfs iium PJ for this new upcoming semester. (next week actually).. haha. well, this news surprised us as law students very much since we really love cfs iium nilai very much indeed. well, we just hope everything goes well there.

last but not least, welcome aboard once again to all students '10 to center for foundation studies International Islamic University Malaysia especially to all law juniors. We hope (as seniors) all of you can study well in laws because law programs are really great to learn. period.

that's all for now.

any comments, please drop them here.
p/s: well updated.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

AGD Melex & MoCk TriAL...


Salam to all Laws students and everyone who's visiting this blog..waa, long time no see~
I think this is the third post for this semester. Actually, this sem Melex has a very big and grand project to be done simultaneously. Guess what?? MOCK TRIAL & LAW ANNUAL GRAND DINNER. Actually, Melex's production crew had worked on this~mock trial since in the middle of November last year till the end of that night, on 22nd of Jan 2010. I still miss the moments we~the crew~shared together during the shooting time in IIUM, Gombak. All the moments had been compiled in a, have a look.

And the time comes..22nd of Jan 2010, Law AGD brought to you live from MPN hall...

they are the guests...

The lecturers and Bro Mahfudz...

on stage, the trial..PP v DC...terselit Jasmi a.k.a Interpreter...

the great opening from the main casts...

all the members of the team...jom makan!! Aiman kaki interframe..haha

all members of the team yg ada...cun x??

such a nice and sweet pic..but Dian n me was not there...sob3


The director~Aimadudin

The scriptwriter a.k.a co-director~Alia

The cameramans...Zehan, Syahirun n Shahrul + Syud.

make-up a.k.a polis~shafikah

Qiqie as the technical crew... in collaboration with FINAS.

Aqmal as the props crew...

Finally, it was done enjoyably n excitingly. Hopefully, our next programs or projects will be more successful, insyaAllah...

here are the girls...

and these are among the selected guys..haha~

Overall, everybody seems to be very happy and cheerful during that night, hoping that it will be the most precious moment we shared together here, CFS IIUM Nilai.

See you again, bye!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Up2date SMAC 2009

In the name of Allah,The Most Gracious The Most Beneficious,
Peace be upon the prophet Muhammad who shed the light of islam upon us.
For the SMAC recently,we have just won 2 silver and 1 bronze.

That is:

Badminton(Brothers) and Netball(Sisters)-Silver

I hope that our effort will get blessing from Allah for doing our best
to attain successfulness in this sport.If God wills.

p/s:Some said that our law student is very organised-that is from the shirt we wear :)

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